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Health Sciences: Dr. in Medicine and Surgery

Date of admittance: 22/05/2018

Admission Speech: Farmacología Pediátrica: pasado, presente y perspectivas de futuro

Reply: Dr. Pere Gascón Vilaplana

Dr. Mª Asunción Peiré García is an expert in Pediatric Pharmacology from a multidisciplinary perspective. Her academic training as a Bachelor and Doctor cum laude in Medicine and Surgery, Bachelor of Pharmacy and Bachelor of Law, allow him to cover from various points of view (ethical, medical, legal and pharmaceutical) the complex research of pediatric medicines, as well as patent rights of these unique medicines intended for children.

As an expert in this scientific field, she is a regular speaker and adviser in various international forums, a lecturer, a judicial expert, as well as a teacher in various courses and seminars. She also combines this work as a reviewer of various biomedical publications.

She is the author of more than seventy scientific publications among books and articles, both from the medical-pharmaceutical field and in the ethical and legal fields. Stresses the fact of being the author of the first manual on Clinical Trials with Medicines in Paediatrics published in Spain (2000). Recently, he has published the first treatise on Pediatric Pharmacology in the Spanish language (2018, in press) that has obtained the scientific endorsement of the Royal National Academy of Medicine.

It has been awarded with various prizes and distinctions; among others, the “Laguna Serrano” Prize of the Royal National Academy of Medicine (2014), first Finalist of the V Health Law Prize (2017), Gold Medal of the Royal National Academy of Medicine (2015), First Prize of the International Conference of Legal and Forensic Medicine (2016).

He develops his professional activity, apart from as a pediatric pharmacologist, as a primary care physician, a judicial expert and practicing lawyer, as well as independent consultancies for pharmaceutical companies.


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