José Ramón Calvo, president of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research at the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), presented at the Meeting of Researchers of the Community of Institutions of Higher Education of La Laguna (Cieslag), an institution that brings together 32 centres of Mexican higher education, this new body has launched the RAED and explained how the dissemination of scientific knowledge obtained through multidisciplinary research and developed in understandable language can help change the perception of society on certain issues.


Elected academician of RAED, Calvo also participated in the meeting with the paper “La investigación y divulgación del conocimiento científico como modelo de cambio en la sociedad: el ejemplo del tabaco y del cambio climático” (Research and dissemination of scientific knowledge as a model of change in society: the example of tobacco and climate change). In his work, Calvo compares the problem of smoking and ways in which the tobacco companies tried to keep the knowledge of its health consequences reached the general public with the current problem of global warming and climate change.