The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) has updated its corporate image and has completely renovated its website, the main showcase for academic activity, to give it a contemporary and attractive look. An update that is born of the unequivocal will of the Royal Academy to consolidate itself as a reference for scientific dissemination in all areas of knowledge in Catalonia, Spain and Europe. Together with the intense agenda of events and sessions, the new website of the RAED highlights the main contributions of its academics to knowledge and the community, with information constantly renewed.

In line with these changes, the Royal Academy has also improved the presentation of its weekly Newsletter to make it more simple and attractive, thus intensifying its commitment to share and spread its many activities. Also, the Academy has improved and renewed its presence in social networks. Currently, the RAED has new profiles on Facebook ( and Twitter (@raedacademy), which add to its active YouTube channel, where video summaries of all income and academic events appear. All these channels, as well as the corporate website and the Newsletter, are available in the three languages ​​that the Royal Academy uses in its daily communication: Spanish, Catalan and English.