Ángel Aguirre, full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has donated to this institution his last two books: “La pintura de Clemente Ochoa” (The painting of Clemente Ochoa), published at the end of 2016, and “Metodología cualitativa etnográfica” (Ethnographic qualitative methodology), fruit of lectures given at the University of Ayacucho (Peru) in 2014.

Aguirre had already published in 1990 a comprehensive study on the sculptural work of Clemente Ochoa (Cascante, Navarra, 1937), which he has now completed with his study of the pictorial work of this artist who, according to the scholar, “sidesteps fashions, the dictates of the market and belonging to ephemeral vanguards that arise against someone”. “This does’nt prevent -analizes- that both his sculptural work and the pictorial one are widely disseminated and recognized”. As for the study on ethnographic methodology, Aguirre proposes that “the qualitative methodology constitutes the methodological support in ethnographic research”.