The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) recalled its last deceased academicians in an emotional Consolatio that was held on March 20 in Barcelona. The ceremony in memory of academicians Joaquín Barraquer, Joan Trayter, Josep Llort and Joan Olivé began with a solemn office in the crypt of Santa Eulalia of the Cathedral of Barcelona presided over by cardinal and honorary academician Lluís Martínez Sistach in the presence of a large group of academics, family and friends of the honourees.

The full academician and general secretary of the Board of Government of the RAED, José Luis Salido, recalled the figure of Joan Trayter, of whom he highlighted his affability despite the emotional blows he had received in life and the legacy he left for economic science and Barcelona, ​​his great passion. “Joan Trayter embodied the spirit of the old school teacher, in which they had to coincide a whole series of virtues and vocational characteristics of aptitude, attitude and even morals, because he was the first example”, said Salido.

The academician Joaquim Gironella recalled Josep Llort, who enthusiastically assumed the positions of vicepresident of the Governing Board and after president of the newly constituted Senate of the RAED. “He was a straight and grey man, in the sense of a necessary man who never wanted to stand out -Gironella pointed out-. A generous man with a strong capacity to overcome frustrations and overcome barriers. A simple and close man who enjoyed interminable conversations with friends and acquaintances”.

Xavier Añoveros, full academician and vicepresident of the Board of Government of the RAED, highlighted the personality and the multifaceted professional and academic career of Joan Olivé. “He was a polyhedral man, who dedicated his life to engineering in his dual role of designer and professional at the foot of the machine in different and important companies in the sector, and since his retirement from active working life, historian and social worker. Without forgetting his past as a gymnast who accompanied the legendary Joaquín Blume at the Helsinki Olympics in 1952″, he said.

Especially emotional was the memory that academician Rafael Barraquer had for his father, Joaquín Barraquer, to whom he wanted to dedicate the words that he had always tried to impress on his children: peace, serenity and love. Beyond its fundamental scientific dimension, which allowed notable advances in the field of ophthalmology, Barraquer wanted to highlight the social work that his father always promoted at the head of his clinic.