The academicians of the RAED can participate in the Congress of the Catalan Association of Accounting and Management as full members

The Catalan Association of Accounting and Management (ACCID) invites all academicians and the scientific community of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) to participate actively in its 8th Congress, which will be held between the next 6 and June 7 at the headquarters of the IQS School of Management in Barcelona, ​​a center associated with the Ramon Llull University. According to the agreement signed in 2016 by RAED and ACCID, all academicians are part of this institution that brings together professionals in the accounting and management sector in Catalonia as full partners, enjoying all its advantages.

The purpose of the congress is to address the various developments in accounting, to identify the challenges of the sector, to redefine good corporate governance and social responsibility of the company and to analyze information systems and the so-called Big Data and its application in both the new ones as in the classic business models. Likewise, during the sessions the awards and research grants of the ACCID will be awarded, which recognize, among others, Joan B. Casas, former president of the Association of Economists of Catalonia and regular collaborator of the RAED, and the professor of Financial and Accounting of the University of Barcelona, ​​renowned disseminator and full academician of the RAED José María Gay de Liébana. In the jury highlights the presence of Alfredo Rocafort, vicepresident of ACCID, full academician and president of the Governing Board of the Royal Academy, and Emili Gironella, also full academician of the RAED.

Among the participants in this edition are Carlos Moslares, dean of IQS School of Management; Enrique Rubio, president of the Accounting and Audit Institute of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Finance; Daniel Faura, president of ACCID; Francesc Gómez, president of the Association of Accountancy and Control Professors of ACCID; Quim Ferrer, secretary of Enterprise and Competitiveness of the Catalan Government; Pere Regull, general director of IQS School of Management; Anton Gasol, president of the Association of Economists of Catalonia; Antoni Gómez, president of the Association of Accountants of Catalonia; Aurora Corral, president of the Council of Associations of Secretaries, Auditors and Treasurers of the Local Administration of Catalonia; Alfonso Lluzar, president of the Official Association of Administrative Managers of Catalonia; Santiago Niño Becerra, professor at IQS School of Management, and Oriol Amat, professor at the Barcelona School of Management of the Pompeu Fabra University, former president and founder of the ACCID and full academician of the RAED. In addition to numerous teachers and top-level professionals, all of them recognized specialists in the topics analyzed.

“At a time of extreme complexity due to globalization, increasing regulations, changes in governance and digital technological disruption the expectations of professionals related to accounting, whether from the business, professional or academic environment, increase. The Congress of the ACCID becomes an appointment of maximum interest”, says Daniel Faura from the presidency of this relevant institution.

The event will also include the annual meeting of the Association of Accounting and Control Professors. As in the previous editions, with an average of 800 attendees, the organization expects this edition to be of maximum interest to professionals, academicians and students. Thanks to the collaboration agreement between the publishing house Omnia Science and ACCID, a special issue of the magazine “Intangible Capital” will be published in which the papers presented in this 8th Congress will be published.

Programme and more information about the congress