Supernumerary Academician

Social Science: Dr. of Economics

Date of admittance: 01/04/2014

Admission speech: Les empreses d’alt creixement: factors que expliquen el seu èxit i la seva sostenibilitat a llarg termini

Reply: Dr. Santiago Dexeus Trias de Bes

Oriol Amat                             

Place and date of birth: Barcelona, 14 of March of 1957

Dean BSM (Barcelona School of Management), Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Director Master in Accounting and Finance UPF Barcelona School of Management

 Other present positions :

Deputy Dean Catalan Economist Association

Vice President Catalan Accounting Association (ACCID)

Board member of different companies and public organizations.

Past Professional activities

2013-2018       President Catalan Accounting Association (ACCID)

2015-2017       Member of the Catalan Parliament

2011-2015       Board member of CNMV (National Commission of the Stock Exchange)

2014-2015       President of the Spanish Register of Accounting Experts

2011-2015       President of the Spanish Register of Accounting Economists

2011-2015       Member of the Advisory Council for Economic Catalonian Growth

1996-2011:      Board Member of the Economist Association of Catalonia

2004-2013       Vice-president Catalan Accounting Association (ACCID)

2006-2011:      Director Center for Quality and Teaching Innovation (UPF)

2003-2004:      Director of the Department of Economy and Business (UPF)

1998-2001:      Vicerector of Economy and Information Systems of UPF

1985-1991:      Professor Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona

1978-1992:      Professor and Head of Studies EADA Business School

1977-1978:      Auditor Arthur Andersen

From 1979 it has made diverse professional works in the area of Accounting and Finance. He has been visiting professor of several European, American and Asian universities. He participated in the work groups that elaborated the General Accounting Plan (Spanish GAAP).

 Publications and conferences

Has published several books translated to differentl languages and numerous articles in academic and professional journals in the field of accounting and finance. Key note speaker in national and international Congresses. He has directed 8 PhD thesis. Director of Revista de Contabilidad y Dirección, Deputy Director of Revista Iberoamericana de Contabilidad y Dirección. Editorial board member of other academic journals.                                                        @oriolamat     / 

Extended CV