The Royal Academy is interested in the altruistic activities of the Iberoamerican University of Torreón and its associated groups

M. Guillermo Prieto Salinas, rector de la Universidad Iberoamericana Torreón

M. Guillermo Prieto Salinas, rector of the Universidad Iberoamericana Torreón

The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) and the Iberoamerican University of Torreón have shared experiences in the framework of the Research Conference of the Community of Higher Education Institutions of La Laguna (Cieslag), that was held among the past October 10 and 12. Among the numerous activities developed by the RAED delegation, one of the most outstanding was the contact with the international group Up with People, protected by this academic institution.

The Iberoamerican University of Torreón, managed by the Society of Jesus, celebrates its 36th anniversary this year. It offers 16 degrees, 8 masters and a PhD and is part of the set of institutions of higher education in the states of Durango and Coahuila that make up the Cieslag. Up with People has been promoting, for more than 50 years, through music and action, the training of young people through a series of values ​​of equity, solidarity, social justice, cooperation and effort. With more than 22,000 alumni from 80 countries as baggage, the organization combines travel around the world, with social and community activities.

Based in the State of Colorado and with close ties to the University of Arizona, it offers educational programs, mainly in summer. Some 20 million people in 48 countries around the world have attended its performances, some three million hours of community services have been provided and 450,000 families have hosted members in their homes.

On the other hand, the Iberoamerican University of Torreón is very sensitive and collaborates closely in the fight against breast cancer as it’s also linked to associations that fight against this disease. RAED got to know its work first hand and supported the initiatives that are developed in this sense.