The delegation of the RAED that participated in the congress of the Cieslag attends a concert of the students of the degree of Music taught by the University La Salle Laguna

The delegation of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) that has participated in the Research Congress of the Community of Higher Education Institutions of La Laguna (Cieslag), held in Mexico between October 10 and 12, attended a concert organized by the University La Salle Laguna entirely interpreted by students of the degree of Music taught by this academic institution.

The degree of Music is distributed in 12 semesters and combines musicology studies with those of a higher conservatory, since each of the academic courses includes instrumental training chosen by students in the same format and curriculum as in those of a conservatory. During the concert various performances were presented, including an orchestral chamber ensemble composed of violins, violas, cellos and double bass, as well as soloists of piano, flute, saxophone, percussion, trumpet and a sample of the lyrical line-up with soprano, baritone, tenor, who played solo or duo pieces and a wide choral training.

The concert was held at the Teatro Isauro Martínez, considered the second most beautiful in the country, after the Teatro Juárez in Ciudad de Guanajuato. Its architecture is a mixture of neo-Gothic, Byzantine and Moorish styles. The decoration was made by the Spanish painter Salvador Tarazona, who also painted murals in the Cortés Palace in Cuernavaca (Morelos), in the Government Palace of Saltillo (Coahuila) and in the Hall of Cabildos of Chilpancingo (Guerrero). The most elaborate piece is the ceiling lamp in the living room.

The activities of the Isauro Martínez Theatre are part of a cultural circuit within the La Laguna region, which includes the gallery attached to the theatre, as well as the Arocena Museum, the Camerata de Coahuila, as well as the Nazas Theatre, spaces for the formation of children’s orchestras and functions of opera broadcast live from the Metropolitan of New York. It’s also home to numerous cultural events such as the prestigious International Piano Festival which this year reaches its 14th edition.