The RAED welcomes the tribute that the renowned Chinese pianist Ernest So dedicates to one of the greatest composers for his instrument

Ernest So, pianistaThe Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) hosted on 15 November with the collaboration of the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona an Extraordinary Concert starring the renowned Chinese pianist Ernest So. Under the generic title “Le glamour du piano, un récital de la musique française” (The glamor of the piano, a recital of French music), the virtuoso made his particular tribute to Claude Debussy playing the sonatas “Claire de lune”, “Voiles” and “La porte du vin”, in addition to the song “Beau Soir” and the symphonic sketches “La mer”. He also played works by Déodat de Séverac, Lucien Wurmser, Charles Trenet and Clément Doucet written under the direct influence of the French composer and pianist, a reference figure in the music of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The recital was divided into three thematic parts: the first focused on Debussy (“The teacher”), the second on the reception and reinterpretation of his work (“The influence”) and the third on the heritage of his music throughout various generations (“The memory”). The concert received a great ovation among the attendees and the commitment of the Royal Academy to celebrate new extraordinary concerts.

Born in Hong Kong in 1978, So is one of the current internationally renowned pianists. He stands out for the recovery of composers such as Sergei Bortkiewicz, Leopold Godowsky and Nikolai Medtner, whose work isn’t usually performed in large auditoriums and competitions, but with great works for piano. So he received the Best Interpreter award and the Beethoven Trophy Award. He is an honorary professor of music at the University of Guangxi and has also been professor of music history and piano at the Academy of Performing Arts of Hong Kong. He is currently the chief responsible for overseeing the quality control and technical aspects of Yamaha piano.