Dr. Santiago José Castellà Surribas

Dr. Santiago José Castellà

Santiago Castellà, director of the Tarragona Smart Mediterranean City Chair of the Roriva i Virgili University and full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), participated in the 4th Mediterranean Tourism Meeting that was held last 24 May in Tarragona as head of the block “Turismo y Smart Cities, binomio de éxito” (Tourism and Smart Cities, binomial of success), which also involved Carmelo Torres, manager of Almería Turística, and Rosa María Sanchís, manager of Ferrovial Servicios.

Now a benchmark in the analysis of new intelligent tourism, the Meeting served to provide proposals and mark future strategies to diversify tourism and promote actions to attract quality tourism, supported by solid foundations such as Mediterranean cuisine and wine tourism.

The Mediterranean Tourism Meeting is organized by the Tourism Board of Tarragona City Council and the Open Energy Institute, in collaboration with the Port of Tarragona, Ferrovial Servicios, Onda Cero and Vermut Yzaguirre. This edition has been structured in four blocks: “Turismo de Calidad” (Quality Tourism), “Smart Cities”, “Mundo del Vino” (World of Wine) y “Mundo de la Gastronomía” (World of Gastronomy). Each one of them counted with prestigious specialists who offered their points of view in order to trace the path that Tarragona and its area of ​​influence have to travel to reinforce its tourist attraction.

More information, agenda and download of the program