The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) will be added to the presentation of the work “La Historia del Fomento del Trabajo, 1771-2011” (The History of Fomento del Trabajo, 1771-2011″, a complete study in two volumes and a documentary attachment with unpublished material on the long trajectory of the Catalan employers’ organization Fomento del Trabajo Nacional.

The book, written by historians Manuel Milián and Francesc Cabana, will be presented on January 23 in Barcelona by Luis María Linde, governor of the Bank of Spain, in an event headed by the president of Fomento, Joaquim Gay de Montellà. The work offers for the first time the account of the evolution of the Fomento from its origins in 1771 and interprets the route of one of the fundamental institutions in the last century and a half of economic, social and political history of Catalonia and Spain. Fomento has donated to the RAED a copy of this great work.