Rosalía Arteaga stars in the talk show of the director of the news services of Spanish Television

Rosalía Ateaga, former president of Ecuador, president of the Foundation for the Integration and Development of Latin America and honorary academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), was interviewed on June 27 by Julio Somoano, director of the news services of Spanish Television (TVE), in the program “Conversatorios de Casa América” (Conversations at the America House), where well-known personalities talk about current affairs in Latin America. Guest and journalist talk in the halls of the America House in Madrid, a meeting place between cultures that moves to television through 24 Hours Channel and International Channel of TVE through its signals in America.

Arteaga deepened her past as prime minister, vicepresident and president of Ecuador, a position she barely occupied for a day due to political pressures and corruption that she narrates in the book “La presidenta: el secuestro de una protesta” (The president: the kidnapping of a protest). During the interview, the academician said that, as several historians have already left written, the simple fact of being a woman influenced her against, although the Ecuadorian law and Constitution supported her situation and should have ended the mandate when the president Abdalá Bucaram was dismissed

Arteaga also reviewed her role as a writer and cultural disseminator in her country and in all of Latin America, always in the light of a profound and unwavering secular ethic. The Honorary academician of the RAED put education and ethics as the main guarantees of democracy in all the societies of the region, both in the political sphere and in that of the company. She promotes diverse projects and initiatives of diverse entities to deepen in these fields. The defense of the environment is another of her struggles, in which she also stands out as a strong activist.

Rosalía Arteaga

Dr Rosalía Arteaga

Despite the enormous difficulties that have been encountered in all these years of activism, Arteaga is optimistic about the situation of the Ecuadorian and Hispanic American society in its extension and about the destruction of the Amazon. “I firmly trust my people and their future and I know that, in terms of the Amazon, the world will end up being aware of the importance of the biodiversity that is there”.

Doctor in Jurisprudence and Anthropology, Arteaga adds to her dedication to politics her passion for education and a vast career as an essayist and poet that has been recognized internationally. The honorary academician of the RAED actively participates in multiple forums and courses on both sides of the Atlantic and is an international reference in the fields of education and sustainable development. She has participated in the main activities organized by the Royal Academy since she was elected honorary member in 2016.

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