Rosalía Arteaga receives the main recognition of the Association of Chinese Companies of the United States for her work in favor of democracy and young people

Rosalía Arteaga, former president of Ecuador, president of the Foundation for the Integration and Development of Latin America (Fidal) and honorary academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has received the Northern Star Grand Award that grants the US Association of Chinese Companies during the Annual Conference of Young Leaders held in Garden Grove (California) last July. Arteaga received the award from Ben Lai, president of this business association, in recognition of her work throughout her long career in favor of democracy and young people.

The academician took advantage of her participation in this international meeting to motivate young people to continue strengthening their leadership through ethics and good business practices and shared with the attendees her experience as the main mentor of the Fidal Leadership School, in which she trains young people to become agents of change with democratic values ​​for five years. The Foundation for the Integration and Development of Latin America is a non-governmental organization that works for national and international development in terms of cooperation. It also works to improve the national and international education system through the empowerment, training and recognition of teachers in initial, basic and high school education.

“The time has come to think of answers that respect local behaviors, traditions, cultures, but don’t stop thinking in global terms, with the simile of the vessel in which we move that cannot be treated as pieces that they are assembled and can be separated at the discretion of those who lead us, because the failure of a sector or a part would wreck the entire boat. There is no possibility of success if we don’t act together, hence the need for the glocal approach in the that we have focused on”, said the thinker along the same lines during the IV International Act-European Congress of Interdisciplinary Research: Science, Ethics and Humanism of the RAED, held in Rome in 2018.

Doctor in Jurisprudence and Anthropology, Arteaga adds to her dedication to politics her passion for education and a vast career as an essayist and poet who has been recognized internationally. The honorary academician of the RAED actively participates in multiple forums and courses on both shores of the Atlantic and is an international benchmark in the fields of education and sustainable development. She has participated in the main activities organized by the Royal Academy since she was named honorary academician in 2016.