Autoengaño y empresa - libro de Pedro NuenoPedro Nueno, full academician elected of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has delivered to the Library of the Royal Corporation his book “Autoengaño y empresa” (Self-deception and company), where he addresses what he considers one of the biggest problems of current business management: the lack of information, training or excessive voluntarism or what can be called intuition, a series of evils too deeply rooted that the academician groups under the common denomination of “self-deception”.

“The self-deception, also in the company, is the result of an insufficient analysis of the reality, of making hasty proposals or even of overvaluing our own capacities -Nueno considers in the presentation of the work-. This self-deception is easy to detect. The failure and loss of support are only two of them. Although this situation occurs in many aspects of life, it’s in the business world that we find many examples: cheating with competition, accounting , business strategy, employees… In this work, we analyze numerous examples of self-deception and explain how to end them to achieve a better and more effective business management”.

Dr. Pedro NuenoNueno articulates the work, a useful guide for the managers of any type of society, in the different and habitual scopes of the self-deception: the vision of the company, the people, the competition, the accounts, the business strategy, the ethics, the advice and oneself as manager. To reach a generic conclusion: “The objective of this book is to stimulate a reflection on the frequent occurrence in which many people fall from deceiving or self-deceit. It’s increasingly unlikely that we can deceive others and we know that confidentiality doesn’t exist. Therefore, deceiving or deceiving us doesn’t take us anywhere, because in the end the truth is always known and we can end up very badly”, the author concludes in the presentation of his conclusions.

Doctor in Business Administration by Harvard University, Nueno adds to his teaching and research activity the creation of the venture capital fund Finaves, which has boosted more than 40 companies with more than 3,000 direct jobs. He is the author of more than 15 books on business management and his work, both scientific and professional, has been recognized with awards from prestigious institutions in Europe and Asia, one of the focal points of his studies.