The RAED returns to celebrate an academic event at the Spa Hotel Vichy Catalán and the Celler de Can Roca-Mas Marroch

The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) will be holding a new academic event between 15 and 17 February at the Spa Hotel Vichy Catalán, in Caldes de Malavella, after the excellent reception the one held last year. The format is the same, and with the intention of combining science, relaxation and gastronomy, the participants will not only have all the services and the thermal tour of the Spa Hotel, but they will also share gastronomic experience at the prestigious Celler de Can Roca-Mas Marroch to put the finishing touch to a relaxing, scientific weekend in a pleasant and peaceful environment.

The scientific programme follows the format of the most recent meetings of the RAED. Short lectures will be offered, of around 15 minutes, on various topics different to those usually discussed at academic meetings. Among these brief lectures included in the programme, proposed and given by the academicians themselves and regular collaborators, the following stand out, among others: “¿Hay libertad para decir que no?” (Is there freedom to say “no”?), “¿Con qué se come la física cuántica?” (How do you eat quantum physics?), “Vida y milagros de un mosquito” (Life and miracles of a mosquito), “¿Nuevos patógenos causan nuevas enfermedades?” (Do new pathogens cause new diseases?), “De Ford a Tesla y de Jobs a Bezos. Empresarios que cambiaron el mundo” (From Ford to Tesla and from Jobs to Bezos; businessmen who changed the world), “¿Qué pasa en UK que desde aquí no sabemos?” (What is happening in the UK that we don’t know about here?), “Relax vs caos. Cómo lidiar con el estrés laboral” (Relaxation vs chaos. How to deal with work stress), “Las cuentas claras ¿Es una utopía?” (Clear accounts. Is it a pipe dream?), “Memorias de un viajero empedernido” (Memories of a hardened traveller), “Cárcel o no cárcel para todo tipo de delitos” (Jail or no jail for all kinds of crimes), “La masonería y la ciencia” (Freemasonry and science), “Cantantes que marcaron época” (Singers who led the way), “Cela, un gallego peculiar” (Cela, a peculiar Galician), “Cómo reconocer un jamón y que no te den gato por liebre” (How to recognise a ham and not be sold a pig in a poke), “¿Los derechos humanos son realmente lo que parecen?” (Are human rights really what they seem?), “Ver o no ver, esa es la cuestión. La visión artificial” (To see or not to see, that is the question. Artificial vision) or “¿La empresa familiar es un juguete?” (Is the family business a plaything?). The sessions will open with an inaugural lecture by Joan Renart, CEO of Vichy Catalán and honorary member of the RAED.

The spa of Vichy Catalán is one of the most famous in Catalonia and its alkaline waters, which sprout from the spring at a temperature of 60º, allow a hydrotherapy treatment that, in addition to having diverse properties, provides a very pleasant experience. As for Espai Mas Marroch, it is the new space for large celebrations where the renowned Roca brothers offer their special dinners. The program offers transfers, accommodation for two nights on a full board basis, a hydrotherapy session and a gourmet dinner. Those interested should make their reservation as soon as possible, since the list of attendees must be closed by the end of January.