Maria Angels Calvo Torras. Ponencia III Acto Internacional RAED

Dra. Maria Àngels Calvo

Maria Àngels Calvo, full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) and president of the Section of Health Sciences, addressed during her intervention in the Third International Act of the RAED, held between the past 15 and 22 July in various Baltic cities, the public health problem of resistance to antibiotics seen in microorganisms that cause infectious diseases.

“This is a serious public health problem that must be addressed from the concept of a world, a single health -said the academician-. Less than a year ago, at an unprecedented meeting, researchers from around the world tackled an issue affecting both the health and food sectors, as this resistance is largely due to the use of systematic antibiotics on farms“.

“If we don’t have effective antimicrobials to prevent and treat infections, interventions like organ transplants, major surgery, chemotherapy or diabetes treatment, for example, can become high-risk procedures -she said-. We must seek alternatives to the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry and, above all, a broad and rigorous international consensus to end current practices”.