Albert Bosch, full academician and president of the Experimental Sciences Section of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), warned of the increasingly prominent presence of noroviruses that cause most gastroenteritis and food poisoning and called for the development of protocols to help combat what he defined as a major threat to public health.

“Two hundred million people suffer gastroenteritis in the world according to the data we handle and could be more -said the academician-. A number that isn’t reassuring, especially if we compare the level of infection of this and other infectious. Many restaurants in Spain and others countries have had to close their doors due to norovirus infection and last year an outbreak of norovirus infected 400 people in Barcelona because of bottled water. We have to study how to control these viruses to avoid public danger”.

Bosch made these reflections during his speech at the European Congress of Interdisciplinary Research that the Royal Academy held between 15 and 22 July in the framework of its Third International Act, which was held in various cities in the Baltic.