The theologian Josep Ignasi Saranyana discusses in his inaugural address at the Royal Academy of Doctors (RAD) the historical, psychological, philosophical and even theological readings of “Uncertain Glory”, which would lead to the work of Joan Sales to reach a transcendental dimension and deserve a place in world literature.


In “Filosofia i Teologia a Incerta Glòria. Joan Sales repensa mig segle de cultura catalana”, which Saranyana read yesterday in Barcelona, ​​the new academician distinguishes three semantic levels in the work: his patriotic meaning, the eternal destiny of humanity and the complex dialectic between dream and reality that explains -and also it covers of mystery- man’s action and story development. “We could say that the whole plot unfolds in a game between the conscious and the subconscious, in a back and forth between thought and desire, reality and history. This is how Sales undertakes the difficult task of characterizing the spirit of a people and, ultimately, the soul of an era, ranging from World War I until the revolution of 1968”, says the expert.