portada libro "Que hacen los buenos directivos" de Jaume LlopisJaume Llopis, a professor at IESE, has donated to the Library of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) the book “Qué hacen los buenos directivos. El reto del siglo XXI” (What do good managers do. The challenge of the 21st Century) (Pearson), who has written along with also professor of the business school Joan Enric Ricart. The work is the result of a research carried out over a period of eight years in a course on management styles, priorities and common characteristics of successful managers in the XXI century that Llopis will present at the First Scientific Meeting of the RAED. The sessions will be held in Fuerteventura between 8 and 11 June under the title “Convergencia de Caminos: Ciencia y Empresa” (Convergence of Roads: Science and Business) with the collaboration of IESE and the University of Las Palmas.

His intervention is part of the “Debate abierto sobre sectores difíciles: cambios necesarios para su desarrollo empresarial” (Open debate on difficult sectors: necessary changes for business development), where he will participate alongside the IESE professors Ahmad Ranema and Joaquim Vila, the RAED academician and president of its Senate Miguel Ángel Gallo, the professor of the University of Las Palmas Ginés de Rus and the president of the International Forum of Tourism Maspalomas Canary Coast, Juan Manuel Benítez.