More than fifty academicians, family members and friends of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) have already joined the academic event to be held between 2 and 4 March at the Hotel Spa Vichy Catalán that will open a new series of activities outside the Academy’s surroundings, enjoying excellent gastronomic experiences. On this occasion, a dinner at the prestigious Celler de Can Roca-Mas Marroch. The aim of this first meeting is to enjoy a scientific, gastronomic and relaxing weekend in a pleasant and peaceful environment.

The scientific program follows the format that was already put into practice during the 3rd International Act of the Academy with magnificent results. Short lectures will be offered, around 15 minutes, on topics varied and different from those usually discussed in academic meetings. Among these brief conferences that are included in the program highlight, among others, “La disrupción y la ciencia  en la alta gastronomía” (Disruption and science in haute cuisine), “El espíritu innovador: de Jean León a Mónico Sánchez” (The innovative spirit: from Jean León to Mónico Sánchez), “Comer bien versus buen comer” (Eat well versus good food), “Historias de un navarro en Cataluña” (Stories of a Navarre in Catalonia), “El marketing como herramienta de revolución empresarial” (Marketing as a tool of business revolution), “¿Las segundas generaciones destrozan las empresas familiares?” (Do second generations destroy family businesses?), “¿Sirve para algo tener una Constitución?” (Does it have any purpose to have a Constitution?), “¿Se puede intentar ser filántropo y sobrevivir en el intento?” (Can you try to be a philanthropist and survive in the attempt?), “¿Si se deshiela el Ártico, cómo cambia el clima?” (If the Arctic thaws, how does the climate change?), “Si el clima cambia, ¿por qué no sabemos contarlo?” (If the climate changes, why don’t we know how to tell it?), “Las historias tecnológicas que han cambiado el mundo de la empresa” (The technological histories that have changed the world of the company) or “Para qué no sirve un robot” (What isn’t a robot for?).

The spa of Vichy Catalán is one of the most famous in Catalonia and its alkaline waters, which sprout from the spring at a temperature of 60º, allow a hydrotherapeutic treatment that besides having diverse properties is also a very pleasant experience. As for Espai Mas Marroch, it’s the new space for large celebrations where the renowned Roca brothers offer their special dinners. The program offers transfers, accommodation for two nights on a full board basis, a hydrotherapy session and a gastronomic dinner, as well as a guided visit to the Vichy Catalán water plant, Roman baths and other places of interest in Caldes de Malavella.

Termas Vichy Catalán

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