Felio Vilarrubias, a doctor of Law and renowned expert in Commercial Law, says that the figure of the Exceptio Veritatis has nothing to do with the post-truth coined during the campaign of Donald Trump in the last presidential elections in the United States.

“In commercial relations, it’s very important the statements made, and when one of them can cause an injury to one of the competitors isn’t prosecutable by law provided that this manifestation is truthful, pertinent and accurate. Exceptio Veritatis -Vilarrubias explains- is a legal figure that has its antecedents in Roman law and that in Spain has evolved fundamentally with the Criminal Law from the Penal Code of 1822 and later with the Commercial Law, but nothing has to do with what we now as post-truth, which is harmful”.

Vilarrubias made these considerations during his admission as full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), during a ceremony that was held in Barcelona on 9 March. The recipient read the admission speech “Honor, crédito en el mercado y la Exceptio Veritatis” (Honor, credit in the market and Exceptio Veritatis). On behalf of the RAED answered the also full academician Pedro Clarós.