The magazine of the Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration (AECA) echoes in its number 116, corresponding to December 2016, the publication by the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) of the admission speech as corresponding academician of Frederic Borràs, “El reto de mejorar la calidad de la auditoría” (The challenge to improve the quality of the audit). For the AECA, the study “is especially useful in these moments when the new law of Audit has come into force in Spain and may be useful to all those interested in having an updated view of what in the different countries is being proposed about the topic”.

Former partner from KPGM, chairman of the advisory board of Morera Asesores & Auditores and member of IECnet‘s international board of directors, Borràs presents his thesis from a profuse documentation and legal knowledge that adds to the experience gained by his more than four decades as an auditor.