portrait of book "Catalunya i futur" (Catalonia and future)The Institute of Catalan Studies (IEC) has donated the work “Catalunya i futur” (Catalonia and future) to the Library of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), which contains a series of reflections on the future of Catalonia written by thinkers and researchers from various fields: Josep Amat, Jaume Bertranpetit, Josep Cruanyes, Oriol Homs, Guillem López Casasnovas, Isidor Marí, Damià Pons, Ferran Requejo, Martí Teixidó, Jaume Terradas and Miquel Vilardell, all members of the institution. The book was presented last September 27 at the IEC headquarters.

The work is part of the current process of sovereignty promoted by the Catalan government and contents articles seek to respond to the values, objectives and characteristics that Catalonia would need in the immediate future if it have full political capacity and sufficient economic resources. “This perspective requires a State of Law and a self-government of quality that give the institutions of the country the full capacity of decision in all the areas -it’s indicated in the presentation of the book-. A political and constitutional reality situated much beyond current model of the State of Spanish Autonomies”.