Cuidar y educar en el siglo XXI - libro Joaquin CallabedJoaquín Callabed, president of the Spanish Club of Social Paediatrics and elected academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has donated to the Library of the Academy the book “Cuidar y educar en el siglo XXI (0-3 años)” (Caring for and educating in the 21st century (0-3 years)), which he wrote with his son and also renowned paediatrician Chuaquin Callabed Emperador. The work, of didactic character, tries to give answer to parents and educators on the attention and evolution of infants and children of small age from a medical point of view.

“‘Cuidar y educar en el siglo XXI (0-3 años)’ aims to respond and guide families and educators in the most common concerns in this century that is beginning. Children, family and paediatrician are three wheels that must turn synchronously. We address the biologically classic issues and also the psychological and social issues that surround our children at the present time”, explain the authors in the prologue of the book.

The work addresses one by one and in detail all the aspects surrounding each moment of the baby’s evolution, month by month, without neglecting any of the problems typical of this period of the most common early childhood. It also focuses on aspects such as maternal depression, the role of the father, the maternal-infant bond, the hygiene of the new-born, choking and other common risks, the danger of walkers and other traditional contraptions associated with the baby or the risks of tobacco.

The book concludes with a reflection on the interaction of the family and the nursery school, with special emphasis on the infectious diseases of this age and the role of parents in the first education. The authors also dedicate a chapter to vulnerable children and complex social environments, which require specific attention and can present diverse dysfunctions in their evolution.