The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) held on December 19 its traditional Christmas Dinner, an appointment that brought together more than a hundred academicians, family and friends of the institution. The meeting took place in the restaurant of the Equestrian Circle of Barcelona, ​​the usual setting for these meetings, where guests enjoyed some of the specialties of their complete menu and shared a lively talk.

On behalf of the Royal Academy, its president, Alfredo Rocafort, congratulated the parties on the occasion and called for a 2019 of personal and professional successes, as well as an intense and enriching academic activity. The president pointed out the objectives of the new era that will open the institution this new year and asked the academicians for their maximum involvement to get a Royal Academy “even bigger and more active”.

The Christmas Dinner of the Royal Academy has become one of the main social events of these dates in Barcelona where the academicians and all the friends of the RAED share a spirited encounter in a relaxed atmosphere. On this occasion, the new members of the Governing Board had a prominent presence.