The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) and the Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Catalonia (ACVC) jointly held on July 22 a solemn Consolatio ceremony in homage to Antonio Concellón, full academician of both institutions. Maria Àngels Calvo, full academicianr and vicepresident of the RAED and at the same time full academician of the ACVC, presented an act chaired by Josep Llupià, president of the Academy of Veterinary Sciences. Pere Costa Batllori, academician emeritus of the RAED, glossed the figure of the deceased.

Concellón, as Costa Batllori pointed out, soon discovered his vocation for the Veterinary and was able to fulfill his desire by obtaining the title of the then Higher School of Veterinary Medicine of Zaragoza. Later he completed his doctorate and defended his thesis at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Leon, obtaining the highest qualification. Professionally he was a restless and tireless worker and who knew him well described him as a man absorbed in his work and in his future. His research work led him to be a member of the Royal Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Spain, the Academy of Veterinary Sciences of Catalonia, the Royal European Academy of Doctors, which he joined in 1967, and the Royal Academy of Medicine of Catalonia.

He was awarded with several scientific distinctions in the field of veterinary medicine, among which the Farreras prize, the Darder prize, the Vidal y Munné prize, awarded by the Association of Veterinarians of Barcelona, ​​and the orders of the Agricultural Merit and Civil of Health. Under the teaching point of view, in the course of the act his active and selfless participation in the teaching of some subjects of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Autonomous University of Barcelona was highlighted, when in the first courses of its existence it was difficult to have teachers in full dedication.

“Concellón was always a faithful man to his political and religious ideas. A great lover of his homeland, he was a very dear and respected partner of the House of Aragon in Catalonia or the Aragonese Center of Barcelona, ​​a great conversationalist and tireless talkative. Friend of his friends, great fighter and multifaceted. And without a doubt, one of his great passions was his family, his wife, María Antonia, who left us very soon, his children and grandchildren”, said Costa Batllori. On behalf of the family, his friend and collaborator Ramón de Pablo highlighted some aspects of the scientific and professional life of Concellón. His daughter, Cristina Concellón, closed the emotional act. After thanking the tribute she spoke of his role as husband and father and the work he developed throughout his life in favor of the Veterinary.