Ángel Aguirre, full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has participated as a speaker at the 8th Congress of the European Council for Social Research in Latin America (CEISAL), held in Salamanca between last June 28 and July 1 in collaboration with the Latin American Institute of the University of Salamanca under the title “Tiempos posthegemónicos: sociedad, política y cultura en América Latina” (Post hegemonic times: society, politics and culture in Latin America) and attended by 1,700 delegates. Aguirre participated in one of the five plenary discussions, that on Anthropology.

The academic, on the other hand, will present his book “La pintura de Clemente Ochoa” (The painting of Clemente Ochoa) on July 14 during a tribute to the Navarran painter to be held in the City of Castelldefels.