The YouTube channel of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) already has the video summary of the admission as full academician of Mireia Las Heras, doctor in Business Management, industrial engineer and professor at the IESE Business School. The session was held in Barcelona on June 12 and the recipient read the admission speech “El valor del liderazgo” (“The value of leadership”), in which she analysed the role of leadership based on the person and his values ​​and defining work as a source of personal wealth and the company as an environment of well-being. She was answered, on behalf of the corporation, by the full academician and doctor of Business Administration José Antonio Segarra.

The new academician has addressed in numerous publications and conferences issues related to the integration work-family, women and leadership and development of career paths. She directs the International Labour and Family Conference of IESE since 2009 and is also co-director of the IESE International Conference on Women and Leadership. This year she will co-direct the interdisciplinary conference on parenthood together with the Social Trends Institute and Harvard University. Likewise, Las Heras directs the IFREI project, which brings together researchers from more than fifteen countries and more than 60 corporations around the world. Every two years the IFREI Network organizes a meeting that unites companies, governments and academicians.

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