The Technological Sciences Section of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) has decided to intensify its activity to respond to the challenges posed by the Governing Board. Chaired by Jaime Rodrigo de Larrucea, the Section has scheduled three academic events whose agenda will be finalized next month. These sessions will be entitled El impacto social de las grandes infraestructuras: el caso de la Sagrada Familia” (The social impact of large infrastructures: the case of the Sagrada Familia), “Educar en Ingeniería. Formación en tecnología” (Educating in engineering. Training in technology) and “Tecnología y nueva economía. La nueva contratación surgida de las plataformas tecnológicas” (Technology and new economy. The new recruitment arising from technological platforms).

These proposals are born of the need that has been fixed the Section to reinforce the areas of Architecture and engineering. In this line, the members of the Section of Technological Sciences congratulated themselves for the next admission as an academic of number of doctor architect Juan Trias de Bes.