The number 8 of Tribuna Plural, the review of the Royal Academy of Doctors (RAD), documents a month and a half of intense activity. Since the II International Event held in Mexico between the last 14 and 16 October, which the magazine devoted a monograph, the RAD has held events highlighted as interdisciplinary academic session dedicated to water, with the presentation of the project Aqvam i Mediterrària of the Fundació Mar; which approached the dialogue between engineering and music, or debate about religion will close this December calendar activities of 2015. Also, the RAD has had the privilege of hosting in this period the conference of Lieutenant General Ricardo Alvarez-Espejo about the Army in Spain today. Besides these activities occurred the reception as academicians of Pedro Aznar Alarcón and Fermín Morales.

The next issue of the magazine also includes a work of Mexican historian Enrique Sada on the Napoleonic legacy of the independence of Mexico and a study of academician emeritus of the RAD Santiago Ripol on the status of radiotherapy in the sciences.