Academician Laureano Molins coordinates “International Joint Meeting on Thoracic Surgery” taking place in Barcelona

Dr. Laureano Molins

Dr. Laureano Molins

Laureano Molins, head of Thoracic Surgery at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona and full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), coordinates the 4th edition of the “International Joint Meeting on Thoracic Surgery” that takes place in Barcelona between 28 and 30 November. This edition brings together about half a thousand experts and will have its headquarters in the Catalan labour National Work Development.

One of the main topics addressed is the impact of the results presented at the World Congress of Lung Cancer held in Toronto of the “NELSON” study, held in Europe. It confirms the great improvement in the survival of patients diagnosed with lung cancer by screening, in percentages even higher than those shown by the American study “NLST”.

The meeting is a combination of brief oral and video presentations that cover different areas of thoracic surgery and other related topics such as thoracic oncology, with special emphasis on the diagnosis, staging and treatment of lung cancer. To this format are added breakfast sessions and lunch seminars.

These sessions are the result of joining efforts of three initiatives that have been developed in recent years in Catalonia, with the intention of concentrating in a single event the most recent information on the most interesting and controversial topics within the scope of thoracic surgery: the “International Meeting on General Thoracic Surgery”, organized by the thoracic surgery service of Hospital Sagrat Cor and the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona since 1992; the “International Workshop on Surgical Exploration of the Mediastinum and Systematic Nodal Dissection”, organized by the thoracic surgery service of the Mútua de Terrassa Hospital, as well as the activity of the Spanish Society of Pneumology and Thoracic Surgery and the Spanish Society of Thoracic Surgery with the goal of continuing adding efforts.

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