A study by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce presented by Joan Francesc Pont, president of the Section of Social Sciences of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) and vice-president of the Chamber, warns of arbitrariness and in many cases illegality of the rescue of public concessions by administrations that only respond to criteria of ideology and populism, and not to the service to the citizen.

The report, prepared by Law professors José María Gimeno and Gonzalo Quintero and by the former president of the Spanish Supreme Court and the Spanish Constitutional Court Pascual Sala, asserts that the current European regulation of public service concessions isn’t based on public prerogatives, but to preserve the right of competition between operators and to respect legal certainty.

“The concessionary system doesn’t imply privatization or the public interest in private hands, but is entrusted to another partner who collaborates in the public interest”, said Pont during the presentation.