Miguel Ángel Gallo publishes “Patologías de los empresarios familiares” (Pathologies of family entrepreneurs), fruit of his five decades of study of hereditary societies

Miguel Ángel Gallo, academician emeritus and president of the Senate of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has delivered to the Library of the Royal Academy the book “Patologías de los empresarios familiares” (Pathologies of family entrepreneurs), which he has written with Luis Miguel Casado. Articulated in the form of a practical manual, the work is the fruit of Gallo’s five decades of study on this specific type of society and of its teaching in various universities and business schools around the world and in the light provided by Casado from its experience as a manager of recognized family businesses.

In his firm belief that the management of a company is much more than the management of the resources that a property has in the company and that there are rules to respect for the functioning and survival of these societies, the academician alerts of some of the situations that he has lived in the multiple administration councils and in the family councils in which he has participated. He does so with the intention of alerting scenarios that may go unnoticed by inexperienced eyes. That is why Gallo affirms that he has written this book with the intention that it serves to discuss and plan in time and form a good generational transition for the proper running of the company.

It’s a study that transcends the theories of business management, since the situations and roles described start from the essence of personal relationships, which is repeated throughout contexts and times, in which man moves through the fear and their passions to not lose power.

Miguel Ángel Gallo“Only the entrepreneur aware of his responsibility who knows the threat of the irresponsible manager and decides to acquire a specific training will be able to survive the pathologies described in this book with an above-average probability index. The difficulty is congenital and we must minimize it”, says the introduction of the work.

Gallo has been director of the doctoral program at the IESE business school, responsible for its Department of General Management and holder of his Chair of Family Business. Pioneer in the studies of the family business, he has been a teacher in renowned international business schools, has written more than 20 specific works on this subject and has been a prominent member of the main entities that address family management.