Francisco López Muñoz spoke yesterday in his inaugural speech at the Royal Academy of Doctors (RAD), “Chained Panacea: German pharmacology under the yoke of the swastika”, about moral degradation experienced by the pharmaceutical, healthcare and German doctors in Nazism era. “The German pharmacology enjoyed a remarkable international reputation before enactment of the Third Reich and the pharmaceutical industry led the international research, however, with the coming to power of the Nazi Party in 1933, a perverse system was established destruction social consciousness that degenerated into criminal behavior in institutionalizing public health, racial hygiene and human research”, began the new academician speech.

Doctor in Medicine and Surgery and Spanish Language and Literature, López Muñoz listed forced medical experiments on healthy people, use of psychotropic drugs on detainees and the development of chemical warfare agents. This degeneration culminating in the Nuremberg trials on charges of crimes against humanity and the signing the first international bioethics codes, concluded the academician.