The surgeon Juan Carlos García-Valdecasas has spent his long career and pointed out the future of surgery in the XXI century in his inaugural speech as full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), which has read this afternoon in Barcelona. In “The digestive surgery of the century”, the new academician ensures that progress has been as “science fiction” and that interventions such as liver transplantation, which only two decades ago was usually unfeasible, today is a successful alternative.


Always linked to the University of Barcelona and the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona, ​​García-Valdecasas believes that the evolution of surgery in the coming decades will make further meticulous and less aggressive thanks to the evolution of laparoscopic and robotics technology and only an alternative to medical treatments.


“Surgery has played a role in the twentieth century of absolute prominence. Today remains the most important in curing most cancers, what my specialty is concerned element. However, it’s increasingly losing its leading role for the benefit of medical treatment. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy today have nothing to do with for years. The possibility of developing new drugs with greater efficiency is becoming more common”, he explains in his speech.