José Ramón Calvo, elected academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), was admitted as full academician of the Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Humanities of Lanzarote during a ceremony held in Arrecife on 12 December. Calvo read the speech “Cambio climático y tabaco: el negocio de la duda” (Climate change and tobacco: the business of doubt), where he equated the problem of smoking and the ways in which tobacco workers attempted to prevent the knowledge of its health consequences from reaching the general public with current problem of global warming and climate change.

Calvo holds a PhD in Medicine and is a Professor of Health Education at the University of Las Palmas. In the RAED has contributed to the implementation of its Institute of Interdisciplinary Research. On behalf of the Academy, the event was attended by its president, Alfredo Rocafort; its vicepresident Xabier Añoveros and its treasurer, Jordi Martí.