The academician Isidro Fainé receives the first Forbes award for philanthropy for his work at the head of the La Caixa Banking Foundation

Isidro Fainé, full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has been recognized with the first Forbes award for philanthropy for his work at the head of the La Caixa Banking Foundation and its Social Work, institutions that concentrate more than 90% of the assets of all the Spanish philanthropic foundations. “In the last decade they have dedicated more than 5,000 million euros to the advancement of Spanish society, covering fields as wide as cultural, educational and scientific”, highlights the jury of this award.

“It’s a great honour that Isidro Fainé is the first to receive the Forbes award for philanthropy”, said the editor and director of Forbes España, Andrés Rodríguez. “During this decade, seven years of serious crisis and three years of gradual recovery, our obsession has been to work for people who have a worse time -explained Fainé himself in an interview given to the Spanish edition of this magazine-. We intend to break the circle of hereditary poverty, which is transmitted from parents to children and successive generations in families with scarce resources”. In this sense, the award recipient estimated 283,500 children as beneficiaries of the work of the Social Work.

Housing and employment are other areas of the Foundation through the Alquiler Solidario, Vivienda Asequible and Incorpora programs. “People who don’t have housing or work are two preferential groups for the Foundation -Fainé added-. We can’t sit still, without doing everything on our part, when we see around us people who have basic needs that aren’t covered and who suffer for it”.

The academician will receive the Forbes award on September 17th of the hand of Florentino Pérez, president of the ACS Group, during a ceremony to be held in Madrid. To his current philanthropic work, Fainé adds decades of dedication to business management in front of top-level institutions such as La Caixa, CaixaBank or Gas Natural Fenosa.

Isidro Fainé receives the first Forbes award