The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) has reached an advantageous agreement with the Iberia airline aimed at academicians and family members for their professional or private trips. The agreement includes a series of discounts on Iberia flights and associated companies, both in the tourist class and business, for all the destinations where the company flies. Discounts will be between 3% and 40%, depending on routes and seasons.

To achieve these conditions, academicians must arrange the issuance of their tickets through the agency Viatges Daia, accredited by Iberia, which is the one that has been carrying out with full satisfaction the travel services of the RAED since 2017. This agreement will be fully operative once the various companies associated with Iberia are communicating to the Royal Academy its specific discounts for each of the classes of rates.

Merged since 2009 with the British airline British Airways through the company International Airlines Group (IAG), the resulting holding company is the sixth civil aviation operator in the world by revenue and the third in Europe. All its brands, which operate autonomously, are part of the OneWorld alliance. Iberia owns the subsidiary Iberia Express, the franchised company Air Nostrum and is the majority shareholder of the Vueling company.