Constitucion espanola 1978Teresa Freixes, Professor of Constitutional Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​full academician of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) and founder and president of the Catalan platform Civic Concord, presented to the RAED an article denouncing the argument and the pretensions of the Catalan Government in its independence policies.

“While waiting for us to see what is left of the request made by the Ppesident of the Spanish Government to the Catalan president, secessionism seeks to prolong the situation so that, in the Slovenian or, perhaps, Kosovar way structures of State and control of the territory that allow it, in an undetermined time, to face with greater advantages the effectiveness of an independence in installments until it can be considered as irreversible what constitutes a continuous blackmail that can not be accepted in mode some”, the academician begins his reflection.

Teresa Freixes Sanjuán: An illegal and illegitimate independence

Dra. Teresa Freixes Sanjuán

For Freixes, the State Government is wasting time on whether or not a unilateral declaration of independence has been made by the Catalan government. “It’s a shame to think that someone can believe that Catalonia is a colony or that Spain systematically violates the rights of the Catalans, even though some try to throw an image of this type abroad. Nobody believes them already”, she continues

The professor denounces how the Catalan Government and Parliament are being supplanted in the decision making by the National Catalan Association, Ómnium Cultural and the Association of Municipalities for Independence, private entities with their own objectives. “We have seen them present in meetings prior to important government decision-making and we ask ourselves with what legitimacy, since no one has chosen them as legitimate and legal representatives”, she denounces. As for the request for mediation by independence, Freixes sees a trap with the aim of legitimizing a position that has violated the law. “Mediation is possible when there is good faith and equality of arms and is carried out within the framework of law, never in democracy, between coup makers and a constitutional government”, she concludes.