The musical cycle of the Royal Academy will give voice to non-profit organizations working for science, solidarity and philanthropy

The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) will resume the next 20 October the cycle of concerts that began before the holiday period and now adopt the generic title of “Concerts with Soul”. Each of them will have a common thread that will link the various works that are interpreted and that before the concert will be commented by the artists or invited people with informative character. In addition, from next year that “soul” will translate into actions of social responsibility by the Royal Academy giving voice to non-profit organizations working for science, solidarity and philanthropy.

The first of these concerts, to be held at 19.30 in the Hall of Fomento del Trabajo Nacional, will feature the pianist Cristina Casale. She will present the premiere in Barcelona of “Virtuosismo flamenco”, by the composer Abraham Espinosa. This concert will be recorded in full HD video for international broadcast.

The second concert of this series will feature the soprano Cristina Calvo and the pianist Nauzet Mederos, who will perform on November 3 at the Royal Artistic Circle of Barcelona to present “Canciones de amor y desamor”. This session is the result of a collaboration agreement between the Royal Artistic Circle and the RAED.


Invitation to the Cristina Casale concert