Emeritus Academician

Health Sciences: Dr. in Medicine

Date of admittance: 03/07/1980

Medal: Nº 53


NATIONALS by the University of Barcelona University

– Graduate in medicine and surgery. (1952)

– Doctor in Medicine and Surgery, (1971), with outstanding “cum laude”

– Specialist in Circulatory Apparatus, (1954)

– Diploma in Health, by the National School of Health. Madrid. (1960)

– Specialist in Physical Education and Sports Medicine, (1975)


– “Assistant Etranger aux Hôpitaux de Paris” by the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Paris. Department of Cardiology. Prof. Jean Lenègre. (1957)

– Diploma of “European Cardiologist”, Award Ceremony. XXIII Congress of the European Society of Carrdiology, Stockholm, (2001)


– “Academic correspondent” of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Barcelona, ​​(1960)

– “Académic numerari” of the Reial Acadèmia de Doctors de Catalunya, Escaño 53. (1980)


– Posthumous tribute to the Hon. Mr. Dr. Juan Forment y Soler, cardiologist, organized by the Reial Acadèmia de Doctors, in collaboration with the City Council of Figueras (Girona) and the Medical Association of Girona, (1996), with the edition of the book entitled “Juan Forment i Soler, Doctor in Humanitat ”

– Academic session on “Transplantation of organs” in the Chapter Room of the Art Major de la Seda School. Barcelona 01.06.2004



– Member of the “Spanish Society of Cardiology”, (1960)

– Member of the “European Society of Cardiology” (1970)

– Full member of the “Acadèmia de Ciències Mèdiques de Catalunya i Balears” (1961). Secretary of the “Associació de Cardiologia i Angiologia” (196365.

– Member of the “Societat Catalana de Cardiologia”, (1982)

– Member of the “Societat Catalana de Medicina de l’Esport”, (1984) – Co-founder of the “Working Group of the Spanish Society of Extra-Hospital Cardiology”, of the Spanish Society of Cardiology, (1992). – Co-founder of the “Grup de trevall de la Societat Catalana de Cardiologia Extrahospitalaria” (1994)

-Member of Honor of “Femede” (Fed. Esp. De Med. Of the sport) (2003)


– «Membre correspondant étranger de la” Société de l’Atherosclerose “. (1960) Paris.

– «Membre du” Groupement Latin et Méditerranéen de Medicine du Sport “. (1987).


– Paris. Service de Cardiologie du Prof. Jean Lenègre. Hôpital Bousicaut, Paris. (1956-57).

– Marseille. Service de Cardiologie du Prof. A. Jouve. Hôpital Jules-Cantini, Marseille. (1958 and 1961)

– Stockholm. Carolinska Sjukhuset. Toraxclinic. Service of Prof. Clarence Craaford. Stockholm, (1960).

– USES. Mayo Clinic Rochester Department of Cardiology. Minnesota. (1972).

– Montreal. Institute of Cardiology of Montreal. Glen. (1972)


Hospital of the Holy Cross and San Pablo de Barcelona (1953-72)

– Auxiliary Physician (1954-63 and Medical Assistant (1963-72)

– In charge of the dispensary of Cardiology of the General Medicine Service, Director Dr. A. Rocha, (1964-70).

– Head of the Board of the Cardiology Service, director Dr. M. Viera, (1970-72).
Medical-Sports Research Center (CIMD) and the INEF of Barcelona

– Head of the Department of Cardiology at INEF (1968-83)

– Head of the Cardiology Department of the CIMD (1983-99) He works as a cardiologist in his private office since 1954


Hospital of the Holy Cross and San Pablo de Barcelona

– He has collaborated in the organization and professed lessons in all the Courses and Meetings of Cardiology (1954-71). Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

– Collaborator of the Department of Pathology of the Autonomous University in the Hospital of Santa Creu i Sant Pau (1952-64).

– He has professed lessons in all the Doctoral Courses of the INEF, organized by the Autonomous University and Barcelona

– He has collaborated in the direction of several doctoral theses and scientific works, University of Barcelona (UB)

– He is Professor of the School of Medicine of l’Educació Física i l’Esport, of the Faculty of Medicine of Barcelona, ​​Director Prof. Ruano.Center of Medical-Sports Research of the INEF (CIMD) of Barcelona

– He has collaborated and professed countless sports cardiology lessons.

– He has organized a congress of “Sports Cardiology” with Prof. Pelliccia, (Rome) on “Cardiological criteria of fitness in competitive sport”, (1992).



– Editorial Committee of Annals of the Hospital of the Holy Cross and San Pablo (1957-67)

– French to Spanish translation of the book “Sports Cardiology” J.P. Broustet, Ed. Toray-Mason (1980).

– French to Spanish translation of the book “Cardiología del deporte” J.P. Custeau, Ed. Toray-Mason, (1989)

– Chapter: “Electrocardiography of the athlete” from the book “Sports Cardiology”, Dr. Bayés de Luna et al. , Ed. Mosby / Doyma Books. (1994).

Other books

– “Marc Tintoré Codina. Generous life Heroic Mort “. Ed. Claret 1st edition 1990, 4th edition 2001

– “From sea to cel”. Marc Tintore i Codina. Ed. Claret 2012


– He has attended numerous national and international conferences and meetings where he has presented communications and received awards.

Between his pioneering works they emphasize:

– “Study of the isoenzymes of creatine phosphokinase (iso-CPK) and isoenzymes of lactate dehydrogenase (iso-LDH) in the diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction”. Cum Laude doctoral thesis. University of Barcelona. (1974).

– “Fitness protocols in athletes affected by a S. de Wolff-ParkinsonWhite”. III International Congress of Sports Medicine of Euskadi. Saint Sebastian. (1986)

– “Continuous electrocardiographic recording in paratroopers during free fall”. Congress of Electrophysiology. Glasgow (1978)

– “Cardiac pre-excitation syndromes in relation to different types of sports efforts” (1st part) and

– “Protocols to follow in the face of a Wolff – Parkinson – White Syndrome” (2nd part). XV Congrés International by Mèdicine Sportive, du Groupement Latin. Brasov. Roumanie (1985)