Corresponding Academician

Technological Sciences: Dr. in “ICT and ICT Management” and Telecommunications Engineer. Promoter and first rector of the Open University La Salle.

Date of admittance: 09/07/2014

Admission Speech: La tecnología, detonante de un nuevo panorama en la educación superior

Reply: Dr. José Daniel Barquero Cabrero

Academic training

Doctor by the Ramon Llull University] 2007. Doctorate in information technologies, communications.

Thesis: “Proposal e-learning for engineering degrees in the European Higher Education Area. The minimum virtual campus. “

Diploma of Advanced Studies by the Ramon Llull University] 2006.

Telecommunications Engineer] 2006

Master in E-learning] 2003

Electronics Engineer] 1998

Telecommunications Engineer (Sound and Image) 1996


Associate Professor La Salle Campus Barcelona – Universitat Ramon Llull 1996 – act. Since 1996 he has been a professor of Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Science and Multimedia at La Salle – Universitat Ramon Llull. He has worked in the different aspects of the university profession: teaching, research, technology transfer and management (since 2003, when he takes charge of the Semipresencial Studies of the School of Engineering).

As a teacher he has been teaching face-to-face since 1996, and he is the coordinator of subjects with a large volume of students (up to 800 per course). Likewise, since 2002 he is an online professor of two subjects. He is the author of several textbooks for engineering students, specifically “Probability, with applications to statistics”, “Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves” and “Digital Image Processing” and the promoter and editor of the “open library”, a collection of 27 free-use calendar books (without copyright), which can be downloaded at “”

He has been the principal investigator of several public and private call projects, and has published results in numerous international magazines and congresses. Two books “e-learning” (IN-TEH Education) and “Multimedia in Education: adaptive learning & testing” (World Scientific Press), published in 2010, have been born from his research.

Since 2003 he has headed the eLearning Research Group of La Salle Barcelona, ​​which in 2008 will be renamed the e-learning Institute.

He works in technology transfer since 1998, first in Digital Image Processing, and then in e-learning.

Director of the Open Campus La Salle Campus Barcelona – Universitat Ramon Llull

2003 – act.

Since 2003 he is responsible for the Semipresencial Studies of the 2nd Cycle of Telecommunication and Computer Engineering. This responsibility includes from the strategic design, the planning of the methodology, through the coordination of the teaching, technical and administrative team, to the tutoring with the students.

In 2009 he is in charge of the Management of the Open Campus La Salle, which includes all the blended and online degrees from La Salle. Likewise, he works in the creation of the Institute in e-Learning. This institute aims to be a center of reference in e-learning research, both in its pedagogical and technological aspects, which brings together all members of the International Association of Lasallian Universities (IALU).

Director of the E-Learning Institute La Salle Campus BarcelonaUniversitat Ramon Llull

2003 – act.

His beginnings as a researcher are in the field of numerical methods, electromagnetism and the digital processing of medical images. In this period (1996-2003) he published his first works, attended the first international congresses and obtained external funding to carry out his research.

In 2003, when she took charge of the La Salle Directorate of Blended Studies, she focused her research on education and technologies applied to education, creating and directing the Research and Development Group of e-learning Technologies (GIDTEL), addressing topics such as technological training platforms (LMS’s), synchronous collaborative work tools, interoperability between e-learning tools and platforms, new immersive active learning methodologies or automatic evaluation.

In 2008, the international projection of the Group led to the creation of the ELearning Institute, framed in the International Association of Lasallian Universities. The Institute is constituted as a center for research, knowledge transfer and dissemination of pedagogical and technological advances in the field of learning. He has been the principal investigator of several public call projects (MEC, MITYC, GENCAT, etc) and private, and has published results in numerous international journals and conferences, being a regular lecturer in Universities and Societies related to Research in Education, as well as organizer of congresses and events.

He has been the organizer of six congresses (all international and endorsed by IEEE or ACM) and number of meeting events for researchers from different countries of the world.

Also as a result of his research he has published several books among which “Multimedia in Education: adaptive learning & testing” (World Scientific Press), in 2010.

In 2014, the Generalitat de Catalunya recognizes the work of the group, which is officially recognized as a Research Group in Technology Enhanced Learning – GRETEL.

Promoter Open University La Salle – La Salle Open University

2008 – act.

In 2010 the law of creation of the Open University La Salle (Llei 86/2010, of November 18, authorizing the creation of the Open University La Salle) was approved by the Consell de les Valls of the Principality of Andorra. This University was born with an international vocation, conceived as a center of integration of the different Lasallian universities existing in the world (AIUL), with the mission of offering high quality education at non-elite prices to serve the popular classes. La Salle Open University bases its operation on a model of international solidarity and sharing of resources, programs, infrastructures and teachers among the different Lasallian institutions.

Having been the ideologist (together with Mr. Ramon Ollé), the promoter, the manager, the communicator and the editor of his bylaws are currently Acting Rector of the same University.

Rector Universitat Oberta La Salle – La Salle Open University

2012 – act.

On June 28, 2012, Universitat Oberta La Salle officially opened, being appointed Rector of a University with two Centers: The Open Higher School and the Research Institute. The first academic year ends with an offer of two official programs and 9 of their own, and with 360 students from 30 different countries.

Regional Director for Europe and member of the Board of Directors International Association of Lasallian Universities

2013 – act.

On September 28, 2013, he was elected to the Council of Rectors of De La Salle Universities of Europe and Francophone Africa as European representative on the Board of the International Association of Lasallian Universities. This allows him to continue his commitment to greater integration among the different Lasallian universities.


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