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Health Sciences: Dr. in Medicine and Surgery

Date of admittance: 29/12/2016

Admission Speech: Calidad de vida de los pacientes afectos de cáncer de próstata según el tratamiento realizado

Reply: Dr. Albert Biete Solà

Ferran Guedea, MD, Ph

 1. Current position

  • Director of the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Catalan Institute of Oncology, (ICO), Barcelona, Spain.

Department dedicated to advanced radiotherapy and clinical and basic research activities. ICO is the reference centre for oncology in Catalonia and in Spain. Reference centre for the south of Europe.

  • Full Professor at Barcelona University (Spain)

2. Directive position

  • Member of the board of management of the Societat Catalano-Balear d’Oncologia (1998 – 2000).
  • Secretary of the (Grup Oncològic Català Occità) (1995 – 1996).
  • Vice-president for the GOCO (1997 – 1998).
  • President of the GOCO (1999 – 2000).
  • Member of the board of management of the CRILA (Círculo de Radioterapeutas Iberolatinoamericanos) (2001 -2007).
  • Member of the board of management of the ESTRO (2000 – 2005).
  • General Secretary of the GEC-ESTRO (2003 – 2006)
  • Responsible for the relationships between ESTRO and ALATRO since March 2005 until 2013.
  • Founder partner of the Asociación Ibero Latinoamericana de Terapia Radiante Oncológica, 2005.
  • President of the Sociedad Catalano-Balear de Oncología (2006 – 2008).
  • President of the Sociedad Española de Oncología Radioterápica (SEOR) (2009-2012).

3. Education

  • MD Diploma at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.
  • D. Diploma with a thesis on locally advanced breast cancer
  • Training in the Radiation Oncology department of the Hospital Sta. Creu i Sant Pau in Barcelona.
  • Fellowship in:
  • Shands Teaching Hospital (Gainesville, Florida, USA; Prof. Million).
  • Centre de lutte contre le Cancer G. F. Leclerc (Dijon, France, Prof. Horiot).
  • University of Kyoto (Japan, Prof. Abe).
  • Academish Medish Centrum (Amsterdam, Netherlands, Prof. Gonzalez).

4. Memberships

  • ESTRO (European Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology)
  • SEOR (Spanish Association of Radiation Oncology).
  • ASTRO (American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology).
  • GOCO (Grup Oncologic Català-Occità).
  • ABS (American Brachytherapy Society).
  • GICOR (Grupo de Investigación Clínica en Oncología Radioterápica).
  • ALATRO (Asociación Latinoamericana de Tratamiento Radiante Oncológico).
  • APURF (Asociación de Profesores Universitarios de Radiología y Medicina Física).

 5. Research & Scientific activity

  • Brachytherapy, Breast cancer, prostate cancer , IORT, & new technologies.
  • Participation in over 320 medical meeting and symposia.
  • Close relationship in Radiation Oncology with South and Central American countries.
  • Author or co-author of over 148 scientific papers (Impact Factor=354,021), 18 chapters in medical text books or monographs and 2 books.
  • Editorial and advisory board member of some oncology related national and international journals.

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