Honorary Member

Albert Schweitzer Peace Prize

Date of admittance:  08/06/2016

Admission speech: Genocidio

Reply: Dr. Josep Ignasi Saranyana i Closa

Prof. Emeritus Dr. Ernesto Kahan. School of Medicine. Univ. Tel Aviv. Israel
Academic Director of courses in health Galilee Institute

Honor Scholar – International Academy of Sciences, Technology, Education and Humanities (AICTEH)

Executive President Collegiate UHE- Hispanic-American Union of Writers
1st Vice-president of the World Academy of Arts and Culture – World Congress of Poets, affiliated with UNESCO
President ISRAEL IPPNW – International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War- IPPNW and delegate to the reception of the Nobel Peace Prize 1985 to IPPNW

World Wide Peace Organization WWPO President Honorary founder


Summary bio-bibliographic record:

Argentinian. Doctor, poet, honorary doctor in literature. Due to the dictatorship in Argentina he emigrated to Israel (1976). Professor in Universities: Tel Aviv-Israel, UNBA-Argentina, Patagonia-Argentina, UCE-Dominican, Catholic-Peru, UNAM-Mexico, and Salamanca-Spain. Academic of honor – International Academy of Sciences, Technology, Education and Humanities (AICTEH) – Spain. In Argentina he was General Director of the Ministry of Health of the Nation and Professor of Public Health and Epidemiology at the Universities of Buenos Aires and Patagonia.

In Israel he was for ten years Deputy Director of the Beilinson Medical Center (now Rabin), recognized as one of the most important medical complexes in Israel and the world. From 1985 to 1997 he served as Director of the Department of Epidemiology and Statistics of the Institute of Occupational Health in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tel Aviv. Since 1992 he has guided and advised on the research of the Chair of Family Medicine of this University and the Pediatrician Research Network of Israel. In 1996 he was also appointed Academic Director of courses for doctors and Director of the Center for Strategic Studies in Health Systems of the International Institute of Histadrut. In 1998 he was appointed head of the World Bank’s project evaluation team for primary medical care in Ecuador. Director of the Master’s program in Family Medicine at the University of Tel Aviv and Professor of the Epidemiology course at Bar Ilan University.

Director of courses on health system reform, medical research, emergency situations, community medicine and occupational health at universities in Israel, Latin America and Europe. He was recognized worldwide for his analytical vision of primary health care systems in Israel and other countries and for his conception of medical responsibility. He was a Guest Researcher at the University of Washington (USA). He was designated Illustrious Guest in several historic cities and capitals of America for its contribution to peace and the health of the peoples.

Author of 14 books of medicine and literature, more than 200 scientific articles on topics of his specialty: National health insurance, medicine of the future, epidemiology, primary health care, violence and social responsibility and medical ethics in scientific publications of world renown and literary essays. Poems from his book “PAXAPORTE” were translated into 11 languages. His book “Genocide” was translated into three languages ​​and chosen by the Book festivals in Mongolia, Germany, Spain, Yugoslavia and Argentina. Author selected in 15 editions of the book “New Hispano-American Poetry” by Lord Byrón editions a publication in which are the most outstanding exponents of contemporary poetry in Castilian; universal poemario “POESIA IBEROAMERICANA SIGLO XXI”; all 4 editions of the “Stand @ rt World Anthology of Contemporary Poets”; “Contemporary Poetry” in Chinese and English; selected for the book “International Dictionary of Poets”, Hangchon Literature Complete Collection Vol. III and XII, and many other publications. Founder of “Doctors for Peace” (Israel, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia).

Vice President of “Doctors against Nuclear War” (Institution awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 1985). President of the Spanish Association of Writers in the Spanish Language – AIELC. Member of the Committee and Jury in more than 30 international competitions including the prestigious CRANE Summit 21st Century. President of the BRASEGO Literary Workshop. Vice President of the International Forum of Literature and Culture for Peace. 1st Vice President of the World Congress of Poets and the World Academy of Arts and Culture. Vice President of the World Congress of Poets, Los Angeles 2005, Mongolia 2006, Mexico 2008 and USA 2011. President of the World Congress of Poets No. 32, Israel 2012. Chaired Executive President of UHE- HISPANOAMERICAN UNION OF WRITERS. Recognized as “World Creator of Peace in Harmony” of the Global Association for Harmony (GHA) Russia 2008. Honorary President Universal Congress of Hispanic-American Poetry CUPHI III Los Angeles 2014. World Union of Writers for Culture, Ecology and Peace. President in Israel. Founding Member, International Circle Narrators and Poets of Mercosur

Diploma of “Illustrious Visitor or Citizen of Honor” for:

1995 – Departmental Parliament- Uruguay

1995 – City of Arequipa – Peru

1998 – PAO Pan American Health Organization – World Health Organization / UN, Catholic University, Medical College. Quito, Ecuador

1998 – Parliament of Otavalo – Ecuador

2006 – Government of Hatillo – Puerto Rico

2007 – Parliament of Entre Ríos – Argentina

2007 – City of Victoria – Argentina

2008 – Honorary Member of the Bolivian Art Society

2008 – Honorary Member of the House of the Peruvian Poet

2008 – Constitutional City Council of Acapulco – Mexico

2010 – City of Caracas – Venezuela

2011 – Parliament Prov. Córdoba Argentina -Adhesion 2011

2011 – Illustrious Visitor V Carlos Paz. Arg 2011

2012 – Medal of the City. Municipality of Santa Chimbote. Peru

2012 – New York State Parliament. USA

2012 – Proclamation of Guest of Honor. Suffolk County, New York. USA

2012 – Statement E Kahan dedicated to promote peace New York Assembly USA

2012 – City of Chimbote Medal – Peru

2013 – City of Berazategui Argentina

2013 – Visit distinguished city of Goya Argentina

2013 – Visit distinguished city of Pehuajo Argentina

2013 – HUEHETLA City Council Recognition – MEXICO

2013 – City of Tezontepec – MEXICO

2013 – Guest distinguished city of Gob. The Freedom PERU

2014 – Guest of Honor of the City of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. Bolivia Municipal Council of Santa Cruz de la Sierra


1985 – Delegate to the Reception of the Nobel Peace Prize to the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War- IPPNW, in Oslo / Norway

1991 – Schweitzer Prize of Peace “For his courageous action for peace in the Middle East”.

1996 – “World Ambassador for Peace – for the Youth of Uruguay”.

1999 – “ORDER TO MERIT IN PUBLIC HEALTH HECTOR ABAD GOMEZ”, “In recognition of his work for the benefit of humanity”

2002 – “Rector’s Medal” of the University of Chile “For its distinguished merits and relevant human conditions”.

2002 – Honorary Doctor in Literature. World Academy of Arts and Culture-WAAC

2004 – Awarded by the Global Organization for Excellence in Health with the award for “Excellence in Health 2004”, in recognition of his contribution to world peace.

2005 – Distinguished with the Gold Medal of the World Congress of Poets for his poetic excellence of “existential imagination and spiritual considerations full of surrealist inclinations and cosmic explorations that characterize Kahan, an unparalleled poet” and for his contribution to the brotherhood of poets and peace for poetry. “

2005 – Ambassador of the Association POETS OF THE WORLD, in Israel

2006 – Ambassador of Peace-Universal Peace Ambassador GENEVE CAPITALE MONDIALE of the PAIX.

2006 – “Llave de Oro Hanchon Culture – Literature” Award for Literature for Natural Modernism. Korea

2006 – Doctor Honoris Causa. Academy of Sciences and University of Ulan-Bator. Mongolia

2006 – “Prize for Best Poet 2006” by the International Writers Association (USA)

2007 – Distinction “Ernesto Kahan, better culture and poetry on the Internet – International Association of Writers and Artists USA (International Writers Association)

2008 – Distinction “Ernesto Kahan, best poem in 2008” Yom ha ‘shoah – Holocaust Day “- International Association of Writers and Artists USA (International Writers Association)

2008 – Literary Ambassador of the Association of Writers and Artists of the Orb, “ASEADLO” in Israel.

2008 – Recognized as “World Creator of Peace in Harmony” Global Association for Harmony (GHA) Russia.

2008 – The Directory of the House of the Peruvian Poet approved Condecorate his poetic excellence with Gold Medal, as an Honor Member of the House, the institution’s highest distinction.

2008 – Doctor Honoris Causa and Honorary Professor. Alas Peruanas University. Peru

2008 – Honorary President. National College of Musicians of Peru

2008 – Honorary Professor. National University Daniel Alcides Carrión. Peru

2009 – 2nd Prize for poems “births of people and languages” – International Poetry Prize “Aguas Verdes” Peru.

2009 – Mention of honor to the Poemario “En camino” – WORLD LITERATURE PRIZE “ANDRÉS BELLO”

2009 – Diploma in recognition of the contribution for research and teaching. Chair of Family Medicine. Univ. Tel Aviv.

2010 – Diploma in recognition of the contribution for research and teaching. School of Medicine. Univ. Tel Aviv

2010 – Recognition and “Golden Button” University of Margarita. Venezuela

2010 – 2 International Poetry Prize “Alfonsina Storni” Argentina.

Honored with the title of the Global Association for Harmony (GHA): “World Creator of Harmony” to Prof. Emeritus Ernesto Kahan. Saint Petersburg, June 21, 2010

2010- recognition “Gold prize of the world movement for peace, peace is you”

2010- Estrella del Cóndor Award, to the poem Al Cóndor de los Andes. Carlos Garrido Chalén Contest, October 16, 2010. Hispanoamerican Union of Writers

2011 – Order of the Apple ARG 2011

2011 – International Correspondent Soc. Arg. Artes Ciencias Arg. 2011

2112 – Literary Prize for World Peace. World Literary Academy for World Peace. Ohio, USA

2012 – SALAC Order 2012. Argentine Society of Letters, Arts and Sciences

2012 – Platinum UNHISES. Hispanic-world Union of Writers

2013 – Member of Honor Institute Vallejiano Uni. Nac. Trujillo

2013 – Member of Honor Latin American Association of Writers

2013 – Ernesto Kahan, 1st prize. XXXIII International Poetry and Narrative Competition “Letters for the World 2013” Latin American Cultural Institute of Argentina May 22nd http://lialdia.com/2013/06/profesor-ernesto-kahan-recibe-primer-premio-en-concurso- international-letters-for-the-world-2013 /

2013 – Ambassador for World Peace and Security. International Parliament of States for Security and Peace.

2013 – Order of the Peace Pennant Sydney

2013 – Ernesto Kahan, Poetry Poetry in fields of thorns, mention of Honor, International Competition The Silver Pen ARG

2013 – Ernesto Kahan, Poem Privilege and Decision first finalist eighth Contest Almafuerte ARG

2013 – Ernesto Kahan, Poema Journey to Infinity, Mention of Honor, International Competition The Silver Pen ARG 2013 – Ernesto Kahan, MQMPN 1st prize Alfonsina Storni XIII International Short Story Competition of the Argentine Society of Writers “Marcos Juárez” – Province of Córdoba, Argentina

2013 – Recognition of the 2nd Literature Week. Hidalgo Mexico

2013 – Vallejo Cultural Merit. To life yes, after the footprint of Vallejo

2013 – And they will be trees again, Recognition to Ernesto Kahan, values ​​Peace, environment, Natural Balance. Pehuajó Sep 29, 2013

2014 – Flag of Peace to Ernesto Kahan, Mil Millennia of Peace and Peace, Ecology and Art Foundation. Argentina June 2014

2014 – National President of Israel of the World Union of Writers for Culture, Ecology and Peace (U.M.E.C.E.P).

2014 – AMIA distinction in recognition of Ernesto Kahan’s career. Israel – Argentina June 2014

2014-THE ASSOCIATION OF KNIGHT DEFENDERS OF MERCY, JUSTICE AND CHIVALRY. Dottor Ernesto Kahan Knight Defender of Peace, Education and Humanities. Italy September 1, 2014

2014- Doctor Honoris Causa. National Ecological University – Bolivia. Rectoral Resolution 090/2014, October 27, 2014

2014- Medal of Merit Virgilio Vega Terrazas. Plurinational Legislative Assembly of Bolivia. Rectoral Resolution 090/2014, October 30, 2014

2014- Ernesto Kahan, First Prize International Poetry Contest to the poem “Last drops in the sand” CELB – Brandsen, Argentina October 2014

2014- Ernesto Kahan, Honorable Mention International Poetry Contest to the poem. “El Callejón” CELB – Brandsen, Argentina October 2014

2014- Honorary Ambassador National Ecological University – Bolivia. October 29 2014

2014 – Recognition – Plica Universidad San Martin Porres PERU – Nov. 13, 2014

2014 – Honor Distinction – Plica Colegio Médico Perú – 2014

2015 – Ernesto Kahan, 2nd Prize International Poetry Contest to the poem. “Day of liberation and respect for women” UMECEP – World Union of Writers for Culture, Ecology and Peace

2015 – Ernesto Kahan, 1st. International Story Competition Award. “MQMPN” Society of Brandsen Regional Writers – La Plata. Argentina

2015 – Ernesto Kahan, 2nd.Premio Internacional Poesía Contest. Poem “Ashes” Society of Writers Regional Brandsen – La Plata. Argentina

2016 – Ernesto Kahan, First Ambassador in the world of World Union of Poets 25 special level of the W.U.P. March 2016. “nuovo livello dell’Unione mondiale del poeti dedicated to the Nobel Prize and to tutte quelle persone che col proprio lavoro hanno contributed to migliorare il mondo”

2016 – Ernesto Kahan, Great Amazônidas Medal. Associaçāo Pan Amazônia, “In recognition of the dedication of the Amazonian peoples”. March 21, Manaus 2016

2016 – Ernesto Kahan, ICL AWARD. Earth Science Eco-scientific School Medal. Peru April 2016