Born in Banyoles on April 20, 1940. Family of 5 generations of doctors. Training and teaching

Degree in Medicine with an Excellent Qualification, 1964
Doctorate from the University of Barcelona and Extraordinary Prize, 1966.
Ciutat de Barcelona Award for Research, 1970.
Prize of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Corresponding Member, 1972. Academic Correspondent of the Royal Academy of Murcia.
Assistant Professor of Human Physiology. Faculty of Medicine of Barcelona. Chair Prof. S. Vidal Sivilla, 1970-1974.
Prize Gregorio Marañon (CSIC), 1971.

Prizes of different Institutions: 14.
Scholarships for study and research: 12.

Specialist in Clinical Analysis, 1970; hematology and haemotherapy specialist; Bioquímica Clínica, 1985.
Director of the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital, Badalona, ​​1979-1985.
Professor added by opposition of General Physiology, Biological Chemistry and Special Physiology of the Faculty of Medicine of Murcia, 1974.
Professor of opposition to the Human Physiology of Murcia, 1976, and later to the Faculty of Medicine of the UAB, with a place at the Hospital Germans Trias i Pujol.
Professor of Master’s at the Autonomous University of Lisbon.

Professor of Courses at the Open University of Catalonia, UOC, in Nutrition and Mediterranean Diet. Postgraduate courses, College of Doctors of Barcelona.

Summer University Courses UAB: Eat well and keep healthy and “The taboo of death.”

Professor of the University of the Third Age (UB, UAB and UPF).

Research Lines: Lipids and Nutrition. Research Program of the III “Economic and Social Development Plan”, 1972-1975.
Books and Monographs and work direction:

  • Corominas, A. Lipids and Lipoproteins. Ed. Barcelona Medical Scientist, 1972.
  • Corominas, A. Lipos Laboratory and Clinic. Ed. Toray, 1973.
  • Piulachs, P. Corominas, A. Balius, R. Piulachs, X. Enzymatic repercussion of aggression. Ed. 62,1975.
  • Corominas, A. Ambiental and Space Pathology. Ed.Fargraf of Spain, 1976.
  • Corominas, A. Milla Santos, JoséAterosclerosis, Epidemic of the twentieth century. Ed. Esteve Manresa 1978.
  • Corominas, A. Nutrition elements for students of medicine, pharmacy, sciences and nursing. University of Barcelona, ​​1979.
  • Corominas, A. Rodríguez Hierro, Francisco Aminoácidos, interest in pathology and therapeutic physiology. Ed. Fargraf, 1975.
  • Gandarias, J.M. Corominas, A. et al. Applied Special Physiology. Barcelona: Ed. Medical Scientist, 1978.

Directorate of Doctoral Theses, Barcelona and Murcia: 78.

Direction of the UAB Tests, Lisbon, IUSC135.

Virtual courses: 355.

Doctorate courses: 32.

Published works: 203.

Social, cultural and scientific transfer:

Formative TV Program, · “Health in the Basket”.

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