Placa honorífica a Josep Maria Simón TorJosé María Simón, honorary president of the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations and academician emeritus of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has received a commemorative plaque in recognition of his vast and successful professional career within the framework of the 94th Congress of the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology, which was held in Granada between September 26 and 29.

The academician has combined over the years his professional work at the head of his own clinic with his dedication to the Spanish and French ophthalmology societies, to the Association of Christian Doctors of Catalonia, which he also presided, and to RAED itself. In fact, he was one of the most active participants of the 4th International Act-European Congress of Interdisciplinary Research that the Royal Academy held last July in various cities of the Mediterranean.

Tribuna Plural, the magazine of the RAED, published in 2016 his study “Sobre la vida de Juan II de Aragón (1398-1479) tras la operación de sus cataratas” (On the life of Juan II of Aragon (1398-1479) after the operation of its cataracts), where he explains how the sovereign of Aragon and Navarre was put in the hands of the Jewish surgeon Crescas Abnarrabi to recover the sight of both eyes and how thanks to this successful intervention he undertook the military campaign of Catalonia and Roussillon, he contracted marriage in third nuptials and was able to resume his love of hunting.

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