The Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) will host as hinorary academicians Aaron Ciechanover, Nobel prize in Chemistry in 2004; Björn O. Nilsson, president of the Royal Swedish Academo of Engineering Sciences; Ismail Seregeldin, director of the Library of Alexandria and forme vicepresident of the World Bank, and Josep Maria Gil-Vernet, pioneer in numerous urological techniques. The reception ceremony will be held in Barcelona on 20 December.

On the occasion of this solemn session, Tribuna Plural, the magazine of the RAED, will publish a special issue to be added to the Homenajes collection. After the reception, the Academy will celebrate its traditional Christmas dinner, which will be attended by all academicians and companions who wish, presided over this time by the four new honorary members of the RAED. As in previous years, the dinner will be held at the Círculo Ecuestre in Barcelona.