The secretary of the Institut of Spain, Pedro García Barreno, acknowledged the history of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED) and endorsed his international projection as a guarantee of a future as profitable as his last centenary during his opening speech of admission of four new honorary members celebrated on December 20. García Barreno inaugurated the academic year 2016-20017 in the name of King Philip VI.

“The intitution that today welcomes us has had, like the majority, different official names. It was born as Agrupació of Doctors Matriculats of Catalonia, being Álvaro Esquerdo founder of the Institution, that accompanied His Majesty Alphonse XIII in the presidency of the end session of 1919, at the auditorium of the University of Barcelona, ​​one hundred years later, in the reign of his great-grandson Philip VI, the Royal Academy incorporated the European sphere in its place: the Royal European Academy of Doctors. History, but with present and vision of future”, García Barreno said in his speech.

“The Institute of Spain and the Royal European Academy of Doctors have maintained a close and cordial collaboration that has allowed us, without renouncing anything, to benefit from its position. With my greetings to the president, to each of the members of this learned Royal Academy and to the recipients of such high distinction, I would like to convey to you -in my name and in the name of the Institute of Spain- the testimony of my gratitude, congratulation and encouragement to continue in your high and most worthy task”, concluded the secretary.