Portrait of "Practical guide to sponsorship and business sponsorship in Spain" - Rosmarie CammanyRosmarie Cammany, full academician and attached to the Presidency of the Royal European Academy of Doctors-Barcelona 1914 (RAED), has donated to the Library of the institution the “Guía práctica del mecenazgo, el patrocinio y la esponsorización empresarial en España” (Practical guide to sponsorship and business sponsorship in Spain), coordinated by Francesc Xavier Altarriba and in which the academician has participated actively. The book aims to bring companies and patronage projects to the maximum by offering a methodological proposal for the management, planning and evaluation of patronage, sponsorship and sponsorship activities. It also offers the main legal texts on the subject, its taxation and techniques of so-called social marketing.

“The current company, based on its social, economic and legal essence, has the entity and identity necessary to transcend itself and find a better collective perception through its patronage activity”, ensures in the introduction of the guide . The book concludes with a synthesis of the results of the quantitative and qualitative sociological research carried out on the subject in Spain.